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Coyote Bluffs North


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Flags Istanbul Turkey 10X10ThinnerInscription Hagia Sophia Istanbul 10X10

Koko’s Earth Control

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Captchas - Istanbul

Various And Sundry

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* On The Decline Of Western Civilization. In appreciation of Zen Arcade.


* Silent-movie posters found under floorboards : also, vintage posters discovered in London tube station


* Piano Phase


* How Bob Marley posthumously became a household name


* Some very pretty album covers


* How does tattooing really work?

ThinnerEugene - Decline


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George Harrison India 1966


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Proler-Byron Goad-Billy Gibbons

An Interview With Richard Hell

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Ramones Nervous Breakdown


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Haunted Soviet

You’re Soaking In It

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Here’s a mix I made a while back – I thought about it recently and wondered if it was still posted somewhere, and I looked around and found it. This pulls entirely from my vinyl LP collection, the length and breadth of it; there’s stuff here that made its way to me every conceivable way, from one side of the world to the other, over many years ( Wax Trax! Records in Chicago in the early 80s, a shop in Melbourne, Australia, a swap meet in Florida, the back of a dead man’s closet ). I got really into putting it together, over a couple of late nights.


Constance 07: J Yuenger – Low Power by Constance on Mixcloud


01. Intro ( Skidoo )

02. Badfinger : Constitution

03. Hawkwind : Death Trap

04. Nervous Patterns : Pictures On My Wall

05. The Move : The Words Of Aaron

06. The Bollock Brothers : The Bunker

07. Mulatu Astatke / Heliocentrics : Masenqo

08. Nervous Patterns : No Control

09. The Make-Up : What’s The Rumpus?

10. Slade : Raven

11. The Troggs : Our Love Will Still Be There

12. Link Wray : Fire And Brimstone

13. Rich Kids : Lovers And Fools

14. The Saints : Know Your Product

15. Rahsaan Roland Kirk : Island Cry

16. Alice Cooper : Sun Arise

17. The Rubinoos : Rock And Roll Is Dead


Various And Sundry

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* Listen to the oldest song in the world


* Nick Cave : I have to spend hours talking to fucking idiots like you


* It won’t be surprising if cultural historians look back on the first two decades of this century as The Era of Crazed Oral Gratification. I’m speaking of the fetishization of food, of cooking and eating, of watching other people cooking and eating, that has become omnipresent across all platforms, all media, all screens and all palates in our great nation.


* Rick James‘ insane life of sex, drugs, and music


* Let’s go to a British supermarket! Then let’s go to a German supermarket!


* The Horrible Jameson Affair refers to the allegations that the fast-living colonialist-for-hire and heir to a whiskey distilling empire, James S. Jameson, procured a girl solely to watch her being eaten. The accusations were made in 1890, two years after the alleged incident.


* In the process of collectors salvaging a vanishing history, their tastes and influence — and, for some, egomania and possessiveness — helped bring to a mainstream audience artists such as Robert Johnson, Skip James and Ma Rainey.


* The end of Chicago’s majestic, rat-ridden movie palace : in 1989, artist Mitch O’Connell visited the Chicago Loop’s last cavernous decaying grindhouse on its final day of operation


ThinnerWoods Theater Chicago



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Monkey Daddy


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Andy Wendler Ibanez Guitar

Towards A United Europe

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I was walking down Main Street, Memphis TN, and I saw this piece of paper lying on the sidewalk. What happened? Why am I always finding things that I shouldn’t? I guess I’ll never know. See also.

ThinnerJournal Page MemphisThinner

“ Because she ( Big ma ) hasn’t seen me the whole time I’ve been pregnant. I really want to see Auntie Ann’s face when she see’s the baby. I wonder how this baby will change my life. I really wonder Gerald is going to act when he see’s the baby. How his Mother is going to act. I really need to get a blood test so I can tell her whether its Geralds’ baby or not. I know she is going to be real happy if its his. I don’t know how he is going to feel after all of this shit that has went on. He asked me today what was taking the baby so long I believe he is thinking that it could be his, I really believe it is also. I hope it does look like him. Especially if its his. I know Peggy will tell me if it looks like Gerald or not. I know if it is Gerald’s and he’s not going to have his name I know he’s going to be very upset about that. “



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