|April 17, 2015 | Interview, White Zombie

I’ve gotten an increased number of interview requests lately, and I’ve decided to start doing a little press – here’s one, from - White Zombie - Limelight 1993.jpg

Various And Sundry

|April 17, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* The insane story of Boston Corbett, the self-castrated hatmaker who killed John Wilkes Booth


* Since it began production in 1951 as a state-owned company called Gramofonove Zavody Loděnice, supplying vinyl records and record players to neighboring Soviet bloc nations, GZ Media has gradually become the world’s biggest manufacturer of vinyl records


* The miracle of The B-52s


* “I was a baby, I didn’t know any different. I just thought everyone lived in a funeral home


* Typography cheat sheet


Ringo is the most important and influential rock drummer ever


* The miraculous Polaroid, a divine message written in a code of distorted light


* Bespoke pressing service will make you a 7″ picture disc for about $12


* Across China, nail houses have become powerful symbols of resistance against the world’s fastest-growing major economyThinnerThinnerNail House 10W


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An Astounding Genius Who I’ve Worshipped Since I Was A Child

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ThinnerGodzi 1ThinnerGodzi 2Thinner


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Sticky Fingers 1ThinnerSticky Fingers 2


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I’m really getting stir-crazy now, especially when my friends tell me about their adventures.Ethio Postcard 10x10

The Truth About The French

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I’m reading this very entertaining book in an attempt to understand why my interactions with French people are almost always overwhelmingly negative. The slightly haughty Frenchman, the openly contemptuous Frenchman, the Frenchman who is straight-up ENRAGED at my very existence – I’ve dealt with the entire range. I know, too, that it’s not me ( hey, I LIKE French stuff! ), and that it’s not because I’m an American, because this has come up in conversation with Peruvians, Swedes .. even Australians, the jolliest, friendliest people on Earth, will usually have a story about a disagreeable Gallic encounter.


Chapters include “The French are uncommonly rude”, “Paris is the European Capitol of canine excretaThe French are uniquely tolerant of Adultery”, and of course, “The archetypical Frenchman wears a beret and striped shirt and rides a bicycle festooned with onions”.

ThinnerThey Eat Horses, Don't They?

The Guitars Of More Human Than Human

|April 11, 2015 | Gear, Ibanez Iceman, White Zombie


I posted these on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, thought I’d park them here since everyone’s talking about Astro-Creep today.Thinner

” This is the 1994 Ibanez IC500 Iceman that I used for the rhythm parts on the track, and also in the music video ( it used to be covered in stickers, including large ones that read, “RIGHT ON!” and “DROP DEAD” ). It’s a rare Japanese factory model ( with a set-neck and binding ),and it’s pretty much stock, except for a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, with coil taps — these are screwed directly into the guitar’s body, instead of being mounted in pickup rings. Want more info? Here. ”

ThinnerJ.Yuenger White Zombie Ibanez Iceman IC500Thinner

” Here’s a guitar of mine you’ve never seen before, but you have definitely heard it. I needed to set up a guitar with higher action than normal to record the slide parts on the track; this one, a custom black Robin Machete with star fret inlays, had just arrived from Texas. We tuned it up, it sounded great in the song, and after a very long day ( I was quite hard on myself during the making of ‘Astro-creep 2000′, and I never signed off on a performance or sound I didn’t think was perfect ), I put it back in its case and didn’t look at it again for years. In fact, it still has the strings from that recording session on it. “ThinnerJ.Yuenger White Zombie Robin Machete


On The 20th Anniversary of White Zombie’s “Astro-Creep : 2000″

|April 11, 2015 | White Zombie


A couple of pretty in-depth articles, in Entertainment Weekly and Metal Hammer.ThinnerThinnerAstro Creep 2000 White ZombieThinner

Various And Sundry

|April 10, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten : Cambodia’s lost rock n’ roll


* The strange history of the most famous street on the Lower East Side


* About “-core”


* Andy Warhol : the complete album covers


* All about Astro-Creep : 2000


* How Hollywood’s Whisky a Go Go was saved by punk rock and new wave


* A German device from the late 1950s that’s like vinyl and 8-track combined


* Punk and rebellion in 1980s SiberiaThinnerThinnerSmall - Joan Jett and Rodney Bingenheimer backstage at Whisky a Go Go in 1977


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Ed Freeman Gem


|April 8, 2015 | Found Images, Ibanez Iceman

Soggy 78-82


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Wow! Cities Of The Dead

Kyrgyzstan Cemetery


|April 6, 2015 | Found Images

Bedroom Number 2

Various And Sundry

|April 3, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* A guy who makes stuff : this other guy also makes stuff


* The lost art of record store bags


* “One day, walking my dog on 13th Street between First and A, I noticed that among the sidewalk habitués every man, woman, and child was wearing identical Kenny Rogers T-shirts. Few of them would have figured among the singer’s target audience. The shirts had perhaps, as they say, fallen off a truck.” Commerce, by Luc Sante


* How musicians die, across the different genres


* And now, the optimal road trip across Europe


* Tourists have been warned to stay away from Star Wars film location sites


* The untold story of how Van Morrison fled record-industry thugs, hid out in Boston, and wrote one of rock’s greatest albums


* While wages haven’t met the rising rent costs, neither has the quality of housing. Louisiana tenants also have fewer rights than renters in other Southern states : New Orleans is one of the worst U.S. cities for renters


* A list of bottling incidents : a list of incidents of art vandalism


* Bomb City USA : celebrating Cleveland in the 1970s


* Drinking in Cairo : Johnnie Wadie Red Tabel


* How independent artists and labels are getting squeezed out by the vinyl revival


* Photos and memories of forgotten Pakistan


* An interview with Jem Cohen, the great filmmaker


* Jarvis Cocker talks to Iggy Pop

ThinnerThinnerSMALLER campaign_sign_on_building_at_36th_Street_and_Cedar_Avenue,_Cleveland

The Fault Line

|April 3, 2015 | Reading, Stuffs, Travels

In Trieste, there is nothing between the Alps and the Mediterranean, and even the local news and gossip reflect this extraordinary Contiguity. On a street two minutes’ walk from the center of town, an old lady adopted a sweet little puppy looking in the garbage for food, and not until several months later did she realize it was a wolf. A young goat, having come too far off the mountain, had no other escape route but to throw himself into the sea, right there in the heart of the city, and several times the papers have run stories about Slovenian bears that have come to the edge of town to snack in local chicken coops. In Trieste, the industrial area backs up to a wilderness canyon called Rosandra, with sixth-degree cliffs, and that gorge takes you to the border in a half hour’s walk. That’s where the no-man’s-land is marked by my inn with the iron bar; a place typical of the Cold War, still intact, where thirty years ago soldiers from the now defunct Yugoslavia used to stop in for  couple of rounds of unauthorized drinking with the Italian tax police.Thinner

Once, during the Jewish feast of Purim, in which getting drunk is a licit activity, a Jerusalemite rabbi whose family was originally from my area gave me the best definition of my Heimat (home). “When a Triestian sits at the head of a dock and looks out at the sunset with a good bottle of wine in hand, well, that is prayer, great and blessed prayer.” And if you pay close attention in those moments, he added, “the sea bristles with pleasure, the brass on the Karst turns to velvet, and women look at you with bursting desire. And the master of the universe, caressing his beard, says to you with satisfaction, and just a pinch of envy, ‘my lads, you’ve got the better of me yet again.’” In other words, the magnificence of the place resides in its unique contiguity with antithetical situations. Seeing is believing. The distance between a mooring berth and the opera house is fifty yards, between your boat and a tavern less than thirty.Thinner

I am proudly attached to this shoreline of mine, where I have dreamed up all my departures. There are nights, especially autumn nights, where the breeze kicks up, the air turns to glass, and the ferries to Istanbul weigh their anchors to pass in front of the freshly snowcapped Alps, when I really do have the sensation that God envies us mixed-blood bastards perched between worlds on this fabulous precipice. Standing at the head of a pier, without moving an inch, we can see Europe and Turkey, imagine the islands of Ulysses and the beer halls of Prague, where Bohumil Hrabal looked for his passengers; make out, among the ribbing of the surrounding hills, the front of the Great War, which intertwines with the Iron Curtain; sniff the warehouses of Serene Venice, packed full of goods from the East, and at the same time the wild smells of the wild steppes beyond the Danube. In the mid-1980s, when a Bavarian Chancellor landed with his helicopter on one of these piers, he said, “Unglaublich” (incredible), because such was the synthesis of the different worlds.ThinnerPaolo Rumiz The Fault Line


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HS Anderson Guitar


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“This is the last tour we’re doing in America. We simply cannot afford it any more. It’s not getting better. The dollar’s not worth anything. Ticketmaster is eating it up all. Next year this is all gonna be Clear Channel. So, what the hell? We’re not going on tour here no more.”
- Blixa Bargeld


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