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La Mona

Various And Sundry

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* All about UFO


* Probably mainly of interest to people who are from Chicago and were teens in the 1980s : Medusa’s


* All about designing a logo


* How some video stores are thriving in the age of Netflix : Not Dead Yet


* 15 days crossing the Pacific Ocean on a cargo ship : “ Why are you on this vessel?” said with raised eyebrows and an amused smile that suggests, You’re a fucking moronSlow Boat From China


* An unsteady history of drunkenness : Blurred Forms


* Canada‘s only record-pressing plant is closing, moving to the USA


* One million mummies : also, graffiti from Pompeii


* On, among other things, America’s burgeoning condiment monoculture


* All about Dee Dee


* Some fantastic goddamn signs


* All about modesty


* What did ancient music actually sound like? This, maybe


* “Something happened that nobody can make a movie between $500,000 and $80 million. That can’t be possible.” The death of mid-budget cinema


Also, this motherfucking jam, which was, hearing it on the radio, a magical song to me when I was, I don’t know, 12 years old. They did not play it very often.



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The World Is Coming To An End!


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Fight The Impossible And Win


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Headquarters Of Youth Gang In Northern Brooklyn

You’re Welcome

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She Patty Hearst

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I feel like this is the first time in a very long time that I’m hearing music that is both angry and intelligent. It feels good, you know? ( also : Darryl Jenifer )




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I just love the way this thing looks. No idea how it sounds, but click on it for the link if you’re interested.Kauffman Aurora Overdrive

And Now For Something Contemporary

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The Heroes Of Film

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Beastie Boys


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Guitar Synth


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Slice 45ThinnerFinger Stylus


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The Weather Project


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Various And Sundry

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* The music from the films of Jim Jarmusch : also, all about Vangelis‘ score for Blade Runner, and the classical music used in Stanley Kubrick films


* The Vintage Guitar Catalogs site is back!


* NYC 1981


* All about the antique rubber blocks that are washing up on beaches all over Europe


* EFFECTS PEDALS, the glorious motherlode


* For my friends with small children, music for babes


* Hey, look at that – Spot has a book


* For the olds, some serious nostalgia


* The leaning towers of Shanghai


* An extremely in-depth look at the movie Alien


* Some photo fun here


* Much more on that Pomplamoose thingThinnerThinnerMalls 72

Various And Sundry

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* The dark continent is BIG


* That Steve Albini thing, in its entirity


* Fantastically wrong


* “ This strange death of bohemian England — and everywhere else, for that matter — was a topic of discussion while I was staying with Hockney this summer to work on a book project. We did not really come up with a full explanation, although we speculated that a more earnest zeitgeist and the disappearance of cheap rented property both played a part. “


* Nico Icon, in full


* Welcome back, old friend


* Marion Barry : guardian angel of punk rock


* Quite a few questions about Easter Island, answered


* An old record is much more than just the music it contains : it tells the ( imagined ) story of its past owners 


* Here’s a radio show that made quite an impression on me : In The Dust Of This Planet


“ That’s the Dillard’s dead zone. Nothing can survive over there. ” The twilight of the indoor mall


* Hipster business name generator


A Thanksgiving Prayer

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