He About Them Llamas

|February 23, 2009 | Found Sounds

An insane freestyle recently left on Ballzack‘s voicemail by Lil’ Daddy of the Straight Shot Boys. He gets cooking around 00:35. B-R-R-R-ACK !!

D.O.N. Freestyle

Puny Human

|February 19, 2009 | Uncategorized

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humanity. The story goes that the band was coming up with this song in their practice space when the Italian guy from next door comes rushing in and says, ” This tune you are playing, it is the devil’s riff !! ” Done and done.

Puny Human : ” Devil’s Riff “

Puny Human : ” Devil’s Riff “

King Louie One Man Band

|February 6, 2009 | Uncategorized
King Louie " " Chinese Crawfish " cover

Chinese Crawfish. I get a lot of love for this record, and the truth is I didn’t have to do very much. We put Louie’s ” drum kit ” ( the snare is an Ace Hardware bucket, the kick has a big cowbell bolted on it ) in my kitchen, and his ” P.A. ” ( an old Muzak-brand tube amp going through a plastic Radio Shack bullhorn ) in a closet, and the songs just started pouring out of him. Everything you hear here is live, 1 take ( okay, ” I’m 13 ” has a Casio SK-1 overdub ), and the entire album took a couple of 2-hour sessions to record – Louie had an ” interesting ” life at the time, I couldn’t pin him down for longer than that . This one’s on vinyl and CD from Goner Records.

King Louie One Man Band : ” Beat Up By A Girl “

King Louie One Man Band : ” Beat Up By A Girl “

King Louie One Man Band : ” I’m 13 And Too Ugly To Live “

King Louie One Man Band : ” I’m 13 And Too Ugly To Live “


|February 6, 2009 | Uncategorized
Ballzack " " Yeah Indeed " cover

Yeah Indeed. I guess 20 years ago Ballzack would’ve been a ” rapper ” and I would’ve been a ” producer ” and we would’ve ” made beats ” … but these being modern times and he being the odd talent that he is, we did this. I borowed half-busted old synths, learned how to do MIDI, and sampled warped records I found in Hurricane Katrina mud.

Ballzack : ” Yeah Indeed “

Ballzack: ” yeah Indeed “

Ballzack : ” Man, Fuck ! “

Ballzack: ” Man, Fuck! “

Fu Manchu

|February 6, 2009 | Uncategorized

The Action Is Go. A perennial favorite, and I continue to hear these songs in unexpected places, which is nice.


Fu Manchu: ” Urethane “


Fu-Manch: ” Laserblast “

We’re Only In It For The Honey

|February 6, 2009 | Uncategorized

Gimme More. a homemade Digi-001 affair, strictly ” bounce-to-disc “.  Basic tracks recorded at Grant Curry’s house, everything else done in my living room.


We’re Only In It For The Honey : ” Can you love me “


We’re Only In It For The Honey : ” Birth of the last horizon “