2010 : Living In The Future

|January 18, 2010 | Stuffs


Go here to read the entire book. ” In 2010 there must be no wasted space. There are so many people in the world that every inch of ground must be used wisely. ”

Pudding * 1995

|January 18, 2010 | Photos Of J.Yuenger, White Zombie


Here’s one from the archives. From the first time White Zombie played on Letterman, when we dove into the giant bowl of pudding : me, getting Dave’s desk, coffee cup, and pencil all chocolate-y.

The Wisdom Of ENO

|January 18, 2010 | Philosophy


Brian Eno is one of my great heroes, not only for the records he makes but because he’s always saying something interesting, always looking forward, always thinking about the nature of art, and by extension, life. A great interview came out yesterday, which is here.

Ramones Demos * 1975

|January 18, 2010 | Found Sounds

These songs are from a bootleg 45 I got years ago — it was obviously made from somebody’s busted cassette tape of demos ( the record says first recordings ever, who knows ) the band did half a year before they recorded their debut LP.



The Ramones, NYC 1975, no guitar cases yet. Photo by Bob Gruen


It’s great to hear how all the elements of the Ramones sound were in place as early as Summer 1975, and the slight differences in song arrangement are interesting, but what I was struck by is how much better Dee Dee’s vocals are here than in the versions from the album. We all love his verse on 53rd & 3rd, maybe even more so because he sounds like a doubletracked moose or something, but in this version ( as far as I can tell ) he really pulls it off.


Ramones : ” Judy Is A Punk ” ( 1975 Demo )

Ramones : ” Judy Is A Punk ” ( 1975 Demo )

Ramones : ” 53rd & 3rd ” ( 1975 Demo )

Ramones : ” 53rd & 3rd ” ( 1975 Demo )


|January 17, 2010 | Stuffs


Hey, look at that – an original, unstuck Ed ” Big Daddy ” Roth decal from the 1960s.

The Ingenues * 1928

|January 14, 2010 | Video

Bo Diddley Goes Guitar Shopping

|January 14, 2010 | Found Images

Bo Diddley w:SG

Via Thehoundblog.

Trick Or Treatment

|January 11, 2010 | Found Images


For more great vintage stereo animated GIFs, go to The Bar Mitzvah And Other Tales Of Living In Stereo, which is at Square America.


|January 8, 2010 | Found Images


Death And A Woman

|January 7, 2010 | Found Images

Death And A Woman


|January 7, 2010 | Photos By J.Yuenger


Electroplating The Dead

|January 5, 2010 | Found Images



|January 5, 2010 | Found Images


Happy birthday to us.


|January 5, 2010 | Found Images


Suicide Duck

|January 5, 2010 | Found Images

Suicide Duck

Wow, well, that’s pretty fucked. It seems like these ” animals requesting that you eat them ” images are everywhere. Especially common here in the deep south are signs featuring chef hat-wearing pigs getting ready to dig into some delicious pork BBQ — have you ever stopped to think about how totally weird that is? The people at suicidefood have.

Bird 1 * 1971

|January 5, 2010 | Found Images

Bird 1

I’ve never seen East L.A. gang graffiti this stylized and elegant – it almost looks like something you’d see on a document from the 1700s. From a great collection of photos entitled A Thug’s Life Archive, which is here.

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