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Sergey Maximishin.



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Anne Catherine Becker Echivard


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Ah! Moebius!

Un tributo a nuestros amigos en la cocina

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21 Grenville Street

Various & Sundry

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* In America, the cheese is dead. In France, people look like they looked in 1983.


* The history of MDC and The Vats” Motherfuckers pay $28, that’s what they wanna pay for their shirts. ” Plus, Alcoholica.


* On the need of hyperarticulate people to get raving drunk.


* 1980s buggy box art from Tamiya.


* A map of the states of India with the names of countries with a similar population to that state. Eight days alone in Kyrgyzstan. Do you want to take a cheap vacation? Every country in the world, without flying. See it in four minutes.


* Death to the MP3! But, does vinyl really sound better? And, music streaming services in perspective. Also, those darn hipsters and their cassette tapes.


* Night Witches. And some more about Night Witches.


* An informative lecture on the history of the mechanics of stadium rock.


* ” There he is in 1972, 42 years old with seven kids and two wives behind him: he’s as old as my father-in-law, but he’s a musician. He’s an Indian, half Shawnee. He’s an outcast. He only has one lung. He’s been screwed over by the Biz with regularity comparable to clockwork. And back then when white teenage America was only just beginning to clue in on what them thar black boys used to have all to themselves, Link Wray was a rock and roll man through and through, player of the metal-stringed monster, electric rock and roll speedster guitar. “


* This is the way you review a record.


* Anyone got any good ideas for Barnes & Noble?ThinnerTamiya Super Shot


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Nice Jingle. Park’s not there now, not even any wreckage or anything.Thinner



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Captcha - Got Bit

Another Cool Old Amp I Never Heard Of Before

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Saw here.

Carlsbro 100 TC

‘B Is For Bounce’ Super Contest!

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Handily won by William Hernandez of Bellingham, WA. Feel free to go check out what this is, though.

ThinnerB Is For Bounce Cassette Ricky B