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|March 28, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* How did Sweden, a sparsely populated Nordic country where it’s dark for much of the year, become a world capital of popular music?


* You could watch this, a documentary about punk in Africa


* Lindsay Lohan‘s musical career : what went wrong?


* Welcome to Ordos ghost city. A close-up look at the most deserted part of Ordos. Another Chinese ghost town, this one in Angola.


* Wu-Tang today


* My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection, which is fun to read, but then, also, this is pretty thought-provoking


* Music writing is rarely about music anymore


* a modified guitar


* The Museum Of Endangered Sounds


ThinnerJJ Cale Harmony Guitar


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Camels 9x9ThinnerTrees 9x9

More Ruin Porn

|March 25, 2014 | Video

Yeah, but this is pretty good.



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Harry Gruyaert-Las Vegas


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And again, I didn’t have the record, but A. let me tape it off him. 2014? A. is still the hippest guy I know.

Flux-Of-Pink-Indians Border

 Flux Of Pink Indians : Neu Smell Poem/Tube Disaster

 Flux Of Pink Indians : Neu Smell Poem / Tube Disaster

Vinyl Terror And Horror

|March 21, 2014 | Video


|March 21, 2014 | Found Sounds, Video

Television City Dream

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Torre Abraham Lincoln


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Mitch Epstein_West_Side_Highway_NY_1977


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Flyboys : Theme Song

Flyboys : Theme Song



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Food Series #2

|March 17, 2014 | Stuffs

Food Series #1 is here.

ZWAN 9x9ThinnerPink Bunny Crackers 9x9ThinnerSoap From Jordan 9x9ThinnerHaloub Turkey Loaf 9x9ThinnerAl Ghazal Ghee 9x9


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Scott Asheton's Birthday, 1970


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Mobile Records 9x9


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Green Chicago River

Various And Sundry

|March 14, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* “My life is my music. They would beat me on the mouth if I marched, and without my mouth I wouldn’t be able to blow my horn … they would beat Jesus if he was black and marched.” What Louis Armstrong really thinks


* Inside the Spanish ghost villages you can buy for £50,000 : less than half the price of a London garage


* Where are the kids?


* The gigantic Airlander hybrid aircraft. Bonus : Bruce Dickinson


* That chop on the upbeat : digging deeper and deeper to find the origins of Jamaican music, all the way to Tennessee. Also : if you like that, you’ll probably be interested in rude shoes – Jamaica’s love affair with Clarks


* As we age, our response to fast-changing sounds slows down—which affects how we understand speech—and the world around us. But people who played instruments when they were young respond a bit quicker to such complex sounds. And the more years study subjects played instruments, the faster their brains responded to speech sound.


* What it was like to travel to Iran with Andy Warhol in 1976


* Why has silence become a commodity?


* “I can’t have people like that coming over here, on smack, fucking saying that they hate themselves and they wanna die. That’s fucking rubbish.” The last big battle between British and American rock n’ roll


* Please stop glorifying crummy dive bars

ThinnerThinnerRude Shoes


|March 13, 2014 | Found Images

Yang Yan Kang.

Yang Yan Kang


|March 11, 2014 | Found Images

The New Orleans Times-Picayune used to publish (often very unflattering) photos of the recently deceased in the obituary section, which I found, along with a few other unusual or old-fashioned things about that publication, delightful. Maybe they still print the pictures – I don’t know, I haven’t gotten the paper in years, nor does anyone I know. I used to cut the photographs out and paste them into a scrapbook. I call this assemblage unhappy white men. See also.

ThinnerUnhappy White Men 72


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Magic Bar

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