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All Power To The People

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Stephane Passet-Turkey-Pera-Street Scene-1912


|March 9, 2014 | Gear, Stuffs

There’s a book of pictures of band practice spaces, somewhere, surely? See also this and this and even this.ThinnerQuaalords


|March 5, 2014 | Found Sounds, New Orleans Music

Every Mardi Gras day, towards the evening, we go to the corner of Decatur and Esplanade to see Suplecs play, and they play for hours, and they’ve been doing it for 13 years now.


Suplecs : Gotta Pain

Suplecs : Gotta Pain

ThinnerSuplecs 9x9

Happy Mardi Gras

|March 4, 2014 | Found Sounds, New Orleans Music

Hey, if you’re in town, have a good time, don’t spend it all in one place; try to pace yourself (you don’t want to end the day sitting on a curb crying). If you’re not here in New Orleans, this is what it sounds like. Would you believe I found both of these 45s in a milk crate in an alley?


1. Professor Longhair : ” Big Chief Parts 1 & 2 “


Professor Longhair : Big Chief Parts 1 & 2


2. Professor Longhair : ” Go To The Mardi Gras “


Professor Longhair : Go To The Mardi Grasskinny-blackLonghair 45 2skinny-black

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