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It was the best year for rock music. Really, I believe it. I love that there’s no audio : just look at them.Thinner


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A baby Barbary macaque at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.Baby Rock Ape 10x10Thinner

I was walking past, up some steps, when this little guy started screeching at me – I squeezed off two pictures, real quick, and then his mom, a full-sized monkey, grabbed my arm, bounced off me, grabbed the kid, and took off down the cliff.


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Hüsker Dü, in an undated photo. I’m going to say, just a feeling, that this is a little bit before the first time I saw them live, which was my first punk show – Chicago, September 1981, with Naked Raygun, Effigies, and the Dead Kennedys. I saw them twice more that year, headlining, and also opening for Black Flag, who had a new frontman in Henry Rollins. It’s from here. I was 14 years old, you know? It’s no wonder that I am who I am. Do people even allow their young teenage children out of the house nowadays?

ThinnerHüsker Dü


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Augustus Pablo WTC

Green Soundz : Again

|September 2, 2014 | Found Sounds

This is a re-post, from a couple of years ago. I wanted to hear one of these tunes today, and I played it, and then I got interested in playing some of the other ones. I still like all of these simple, small songs. A lot. Various of these are from friends, past and present, cassette and vinyl.


01. Rory Gallagher : Follow Me

01. Rory Gallagher : Follow Me

02. 2 Many DJs : No Fun/Push It

02. 2 Many DJs : No Fun/Push It

03. Burning Brides : Arctic Snow

03. Burning Brides : Arctic Snow

04. The Turtles : I’m Chief Kamanawanalea

04. The Turtles : I’m Chief Kamanawanalea

05. 7 Seconds : Racism Sucks

05. 7 Seconds : Racism Sucks

06. Marion Black : Who Knows

06. Marion Black : Who Knows

07. French : Deliver

07. French : Deliver

08. Les McCann : Let’s Gather

08. Les McCann : Let’s Gather

09. The Crumb Brothers : Seat In The Kingdom

09. The Crumb Brothers : Seat In The Kingdom

10. Slant 6 : What Kind Of Monster Are You?

10. Slant 6 : What Kind Of Monster Are You?

11. End Result : Ward

11. End Result : WardThinnerEnd Result Cassette




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Enver Hoxha pyramid, Tirana, Albania : I joined various European graffiti kids in climbing this fantastically ugly structure today. If you’re from a first-world country, America, Japan, Sweden etc., it seems crazy that these crumbling vestiges of Communism aren’t surrounded by fences, patrolled by cops or soldiers. It’s steeper than it looks in the picture – if I’d have slipped, I would have hurt myself, severely. Wheeee!

ThinnerHoxha Pyramid 10x10