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* The dark continent is BIG


* That Steve Albini thing, in its entirity


* Fantastically wrong


* ” This strange death of bohemian England — and everywhere else, for that matter — was a topic of discussion while I was staying with Hockney this summer to work on a book project. We did not really come up with a full explanation, although we speculated that a more earnest zeitgeist and the disappearance of cheap rented property both played a part. “


* Nico Icon, in full


* Welcome back, old friend


* Marion Barry : guardian angel of punk rock


* Quite a few questions about Easter Island, answered


* An old record is much more than just the music it contains : it tells the ( imagined ) story of its past owners 


* Here’s a radio show that made quite an impression on me : In The Dust Of This Planet


“ That’s the Dillard’s dead zone. Nothing can survive over there. ” The twilight of the indoor mall


* Hipster business name generator


A Thanksgiving Prayer

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Elliott Erwitt Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City 1988ThinnerElliott Erwitt-Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 1988

Real Talk

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I’ve been listening to this band all week, and I cannot stop.


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Rowdy Target


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David Turnely-Father And Daughter Playing Guitars

How To Make A 1930s Paramount Record

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Nomi Et Al


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Palmreader Storefront


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Ride The Dune


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Eye Know


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Ross In Studio


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hp photosmart 720

Various And Sundry

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* Forbidden symbols


* I just bought my first CD since 2006 and you should too, and, related, kinda, the way we hear music has changed – now change it some more


* A treasury of gigantic vintage computers


* In Chicago, the bar where not one but two famous serial killers hung out


* The technical constraints that made Abbey Road so good


* Does pop music exist? 


* Surviving a weekend with Robert Fripp

ThinnerThinnerSymbols 2


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The Alchemist


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” In San Sebastian, Spain, my soon-to-be husband and I drank cold beers at an outdoor cafe, watching children speed through an open square on scooters and bicycles, yelling as their parents drank nearby. ‘ This is what it’ll be like when we have kids, ‘ I thought.Thinner

I was wrong – so very, very wrong. Because in Los Angeles, and in the United States in general, we don’t have gorgeous town squares where parents sip beer and nibble on Manchego and jamon iberico while their offspring frolic nearby. We have Gymboree and Jump ’n Jammin, corporate kiddie warehouses designed to amuse screeching, pushing, crying children and to incite suicidal ideation in their parents. That’s what you see clouding the faces of those parents at The Little Gym and Pump It Up, standing around awkwardly in their fucking socks with their hands stuffed in their pockets. They’re thinking about death’s sweet embrace, and the alternative: spending the balance of their days on Earth watching kids shove each other in some padded, primary-colored purgatory.Thinner

And what protects most of us from such dark thoughts? Lager. Vodka. Pilsner. Tequila. But do they dispense alcohol at these godforsaken amusement centers? Of course not. Because just as American children are not meant to cartwheel through non-commercial public spaces paved with unfriendly cobblestones, troublingly devoid of Apple stores and Panda Expresses, American parents are not meant to pour alcohol down their throats in the company of children. As a result, American parents rarely have the chance to enjoy themselves in adult ways, away from home, with loose talk and salty cured meats and booze in the mix. If your kids are there and you don’t feel demeaned and edgy, there’s something wrong. If you’re not agitated and overwhelmed by the pointlessness of human existence, if your hair looks combed and you’re still wearing your shoes and you’re making eye contact with another adult who isn’t talking about bad teachers and potty mishaps, if your ears aren’t ringing and you don’t have the urge to strangle someone? You’re a shitty parent, basically. Thinner

Meanwhile, Europeans essentially go bar hopping with their kids in tow. “ThinnerCome Here Often?


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How To Avoid Everything