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San Francisco Tennis Club Bar, 645 5th Street, 1980


|August 4, 2015 | Found Sounds

… are nearly always terrible. Well, I guess what I really mean to say is that they usually just don’t work very well, aren’t clever, etc. It’s irritating, too, because the ones that work, work so well ( my favorite mashup of all time is probably this ). Here’s one that people are posting all over the place today, and it’s really pretty good.


Easy Heaven

“Easy Heaven” : Cure / Commodores MashupThinner


|August 4, 2015 | Found Images

Smile Week


|August 3, 2015 | Interview, White Zombie

Hey, I’m just back from a weekend Monster Mania Con, where I was signing stuff with John Tempesta and Sean Yseult, my old White Zombie bandmates. It was a positive experience overall (my motivation in signing up for this was mainly to get to spend time with my old friends, which I did, and it was good), with a little ultra-weirdness thrown in, which I will maybe write about. My old band keeps popping up, and my activities this Summer have largely taken a turn from my regular professional gig (mastering and audio engineering) and usual pursuit (travel) towards work on various WZ-related projects. Since we’re talking about a 20-year old story which didn’t have a particularly happy ending, you’d think that this might be an angry time, or a melancholy one, but it’s been more like putting on an old pair of shoes than anything else.


Here’s an interview I did with the music blog of Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, which is in Hebrew. You can see the English version here.

Thinnerראיון הלבן זומבי


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