Rock City Morgue, Here We Go

|December 11, 2008 | New Orleans Music

" The Cat's Meow "... And here I am, I’ve been putting seven new Rock City Morgue tracks together for mixing at Piety Street this Saturday and Sunday. There was ” The Cat’s Meow “ 4-song EP ( a perfect and seldom-seen format, the 10″ recordĀ  ) that we did earlier this year, and then they played some shows, recorded, played, recorded, and etc. and etc. and now those songs and these new ones are going to be incorporated into a full album, which they’re calling ” The Boy Who Cried Werewolf “.

Photo by, oh yeah, yours truly

I swear that when we get the bugs worked out of this site I’ll start putting up songs for you to listen to, there’s a lot of music I worked on coming out right after the holidays.