The Sex Pistols Play Baton Rouge

|October 22, 2011 | Found Images

Monday, January 9th, 1978, Kingfish Club, Baton Rouge, LA : that’s Johnny Rotten and Huey P. Long in the same photo, which, if you know anything about the history of Louisiana, or really, American politics, is pretty great.


Johnny Rotten And Huey P. Long


” By the time they got to Baton Rouge, the Sex Pistols found themselves in a rut. How could they top the San Antonio Shoot-Out? They wouldn’t come close tonight.
The audience was comprised mostly of college kids. Although there was still verbal warfare between the audience and the band, the performance at the Kingfish Club was much less assaultive than the show at Randy’s the night before. Sid Vicious even got some play from a female fan during New York.
Most of the audience seemed fairly interested in the Sex Pistols’ music, and EMI even inspired a sing-along. Nonetheless, apathy plagued the band. Steve Jones seemed particularly bored tonight, introducing the songs without a shred of enthusiasm. The put-downs exchanged between Sid and members of the crowd sounded forced. Instead of throwing food and trash, the audience threw money. After getting hit with a handful of coins, Johnny Rotten said, ‘If you’re gonna throw money, throw dollar bills’. During the encores, Sid and Johnny collected over 15 dollars. After the Kingfish show, Steve expressed his frustration by refusing to travel with the band on the tour bus. “