Do it now, in this generation

|December 3, 2011 | Philosophy

Alan Moore : brilliant writer, thinker, psychedelic shaman, anarchist, fashion plate. I love Alan Moore, and I enjoy reading interviews with him, not just because he’s an entertaining guy, but because I always learn something.

” With politics at the moment seemingly determined to keep ploughing on their same destructive course because they can’t think of anything other to do, when we’re facing the possibility of an economic apocalypse, of potentially an environmental apocalypse, we don’t necessarily have an infinite amount of time. I think that since our leaders are not going to address any of these problems then we really have no choice than to attempt to wrest the steering wheel from them. If they’re aiming at the precipice with the accelerator pedal flat to the floor, then we don’t have any other choices left. Do it now, in this generation, because we don’t how many more there’s going to be. ” – Alan Moore

He’s here, talking about publishing, writing as a full-time occupation, and his take on the Kindle, and here, about OCW, Frank Miller, Politics, and revolution.