|December 31, 2011 | Found Images, White Zombie

Richard Avedon, Brandenburg Gate #1, Berlin, New Year’s Eve, 1989. I was in Berlin a week before this, during White Zombie’s first tour of Europe, a freezing, grueling, but vastly interesting affair. We spent Christmas alone in a room in a berlin club, and everyone in the band was sick but me, but we did manage to make it to the wall, where people from East Germany were streaming through for the first time. On this same tour, we played in Ljubljana and Zagreb, then part of Communist Yugoslavia, and we slept in an old slaughterhouse ( and I mean in a room with drains for blood ) in Hamburg, and we were on the last ferry allowed to cross the English channel in the worst storm in 10 years ( we arrived to find uprooted trees and overturned trucks .. and the show got canceled ), and we played in a Socialist squat in a giant old aircraft factory in Italy and a farmhouse in Switzerland and a military academy under a portrait of Marshal Tito and .. you can’t make this stuff up.