Keith Morris * May 1998

|March 18, 2012 | Photos By J.Yuenger

I’m back from SXSW, and that’s another 1200 miles, or whatevs, under my belt. On the way home I thought a little bit about Keith Morris, erstwhile singer for the Circle Jerks – a group I enjoyed very much as a young teenager, on record ( I’m looking, at this moment, at their #1 album Group Sex, my original copy of which is, to put it lightly, used — and has that great goddamn cover shot, captivating to me then as well as now ), film, and at quite a few early-mid-80s gigs in Chicago and NYC.

Anyway, I bumped into Keith at the Austin Convention Center the other day, and a couple of hours later I saw him perform with his current band OFF!, which was super-great, and then I got to thinking about the track that he and I did for the Germs tribute album ( Land Of Treason, which I should post, probably ).

Also, I used to get breakfast all the time at a place in L.A. called Millie’s, and one morning, 14 years ago already, I caught him on film as he looked through the window at me.