Cuba Interiors

|June 24, 2012 | Cuba, Found Images, Travels

From Patricia Galagan’s series Cuba Interiors, this photograph shows the exact look of some of the rooms I was allowed to visit last year in private homes in Havana. In fact, Ramón’s ( cousin of Kevin, my half-Cuban, New Orleans-born traveling companion – he was our guide for the first half of a week-long visit, and is shown here in the yellow shirt ) Centro apartment ( that’s here, in my shitty snaps ) looked exactly like this. To first-worlders, these photos depict romantic patinas, beautiful states of crumbling, character. Given the choice, I personally would opt to live in mottled, ancient plaster rooms ( I do, in fact ), but as Kevin’s other cousin ( the charming and somewhat crafty Augusto ) explained to me, it is almost impossible for regular people to get paint, and when it is available, the cost per gallon is more than a month’s salary.