Oh, Hello.

|September 1, 2012 | Cuba, Photos By J.Yuenger, Travels

May you live in interesting times, the Chinese curse goes. I was on tour with a band in Cuba for two weeks, and then when I came back, there was a gigantic hurricane hovering over the town where I live. I got access to the internet yesterday for the first time since August 15th, and it’s a little hard to know where to start.

Should I beging with the part where a little metal band from New Orleans becomes, against all odds, the first American rock group ever to tour Cuba? Or the part where, in a single day, the gig in Holguín is cancelled due to Hurricane Isaac, the band’s singer and drummer are detained by the police while a report is taken on a portable typewriter from the 1950s, the tour bus hits a horse-drawn sugar cane cart on a country road, and we end up sleeping in a gigantic Soviet-style hotel where many of the rooms have no power or running water? Or maybe that other part, where we wake up in Havana, drive in the dark past billboards imploring us to uphold the Socialist ideals of Fidel Castro, land in Tampa FL, which is full of RNC delegates, find that all flights home are cancelled, and rent cars so that we can drive into the storm, while everyone else is evacuating?