|October 1, 2012 | Cuba, Travels

Pinar Del Río, Cuba. She’s Still Dead shooting band photos in the town square. The show, later, is a whole story in itself : one of the most disorganized concerts I’ve ever witnessed, and perhaps the most chaotic one I’ve ever been involved in. Which is saying something. Have you ever watched a band, a very loud and heavy one, and a couple of stray dogs amble across the stage? Laugh, ya gotta. Nothing else for it.

At one point, sitting on the dusty curb in front of the gig ( no dressing room, no place to go ), talking to the kids, watching couples promenade, and fending off the old drunks who are very eager to make contact with us, someone notices the sky, which is overflowing. We are not accustomed to being in a place dark enough that stars are visible, but some of us remember the names of constellations.