|October 7, 2012 | Photos By J.Yuenger, White Zombie

In the 90s, you were going to, for the most part, take bad pictures. With your little point n’ shoot, and the color ” Good For Snapshots ” film you’d get at the drugstore or 7-Eleven, and your crappy built-in flash. On a day off, you’d go to a shopping mall, and you’d spend an hour browsing at Sam Goody Or B.Dalton ( whoah, that does take me back ), and you’d pick up a plastic envelope full of prints and negatives. Full of anticipation. And they always looked like shit.

You meant well, and you carried that little camera around and you tried to document what was happening, but all the photos had the same small, flat look. Indoor flash made garbage, but if you turned the flash off, your snaps would turn black. Famous people looked the same as random people on the street, because you couldn’t capture charisma, or aura. ” Here we are at the hotel in Germany “ was identical to ” Denny’s parking lot, Tucumcari NM “. Pretty soon, you just took weird, bad pictures of odd things, or old things which were going, you could just tell, to disappear soon, or things that you found amusing, like vintage silhouettes of guitar players.

The left one is from a sports arena we played in upstate New York. Utica, maybe? Jimi, on the right, was, I think, on the window of a music store. Somewhere.