|October 21, 2012 | Found Sounds, Songoftheday

A tune which, over the years, would, at various times, pop into my head, dimly remembered from a cassette a Finnish penpal sent me. Originally on a 5-song EP from 1982 so obscure that you had to be a friend of the band to get it, now a fancy white-vinyl reissue with gatefold and liner notes. Remastered, I guess, from the original tape, for what it’s worth :

Nolla Nolla Nolla : Silminnäkijä

Nolla Nolla Nolla : Silminnäkijä

” An even bigger problem was that ( producer ) Toni thought we were just doing a demo so he chose to record everything on some crappy leftover garbage tape. The tape was so finished there were basically holes in it, that’s why there are weird noises here and there throughout the record. ”

” ( singer ) Jore and ( guitarist ) Make were present when the record was engraved at Finnvox studios, and that’s when it really dawned on us what a crappy deal we got with the tapes. Seriously, it was bad. They did what they could but in some places the tapes were just fucked up beyond repair. “