Various And Sundry

|November 9, 2012 | Various And Sundry

* ” More than a dozen different types of bar could be found in British pubs, besides the common public bar and saloon bar, many with careful, strict social gradations from one to the other, with a system of purdah and caste strict Hindus would appreciate. “ Shades, dives, and other varieties of British bar.


* Hey, it’s that guy who punched Danzig.


* Explanation of the Mastadong.


* ” Like thousands of people in Moscow, I was curious to see if my home was on the new database, showing the addresses of those killed in the purges – a sea of tens of thousands of blood-red dots on the map of Moscow. ” 


* Radio Tanzania : a disappearing history on tape.


” Today’s boredom is not hungry, a response to deprivation; it is a loss of cultural appetite, in response to the surfeit of claims on your attention and time. ”


* It’s been two years since the demise of the Technics 1200.


* An open letter about Frida Kahlo’s unibrow.


* I sat in on an interview with She’s Still Dead about Horror movies, DIY metal, and touring Cuba.


* How to make an indie film poster.


* A collection of Japanese ‘lawsuit’ guitars.