War Spoons

|December 14, 2012 | Asia, Photos By J.Yuenger, Travels

And so it is that I find myself in a village in Laos.

We are at the workshop of a man who is a farmer, but who supplements his income by making spoons, as well as bracelets and other trinkets, out of the aluminum parts of the bombs, rockets, and downed airplanes that are always turning up here.

War junk’s all over the place ..

.. and I get used to handling things which would seem pretty crazy at home, but are normal in this context.

He is a friendly and hospitable man, and he boils eggs from his ducks and serves them with homemade chili paste, which we eat with the war spoons.

He pours numerous shots of lao lao whiskey, which is infused with some sort of root ( it looks like ginseng, but it’s definitely not ginseng ). We look at the green mountains, and we get pretty fucked-up, and it’s good, and .. what was I saying again?