Noodle Village

|December 15, 2012 | Asia, Photos By J.Yuenger, Travels

I know I’ve been getting a little gloomy with all the bombs and whatnot, so here’s something fun I did the same day as the war spoons :

1. Go to a Hmong village, buy fresh, handmade noodles.

2. Go to a restaurant on the side of a mountain. The restaurant makes the noodles into pho ( pretty much the same as Vietnamese pho, except the Lao pronounce it more like fur ). Eat pho with driver and guide. #nowthisisliving

Also. Mr.Tey, the guy on the right, told me a joke based on an experience he had. Last year, he took a busload of Dutch tourists to a Hmong village. The driver was going slowly and carefully, but he ran over a chicken. They got out and went to the hut the chicken had been in front of.

Mr. Tey : ” Madame, is this your chicken? We are awfully sorry, but we have killed it with our bus. “

Elderly Hmong woman : ” No, not my chicken. My chicken not flat! “

.. I don’t know if it’s the zen state of mind I get into when I travel, or what, but that’s the funniest goddamn thing I’ve heard all week.