Phnom Sampeau

|January 4, 2013 | Asia, Travels

A place I went today, which was somehow even more deeply troubling than the other very bad places I’ve been on this trip. You can read about it if you want.



One very poignant thing which I noticed at the Cheoung Ek Killing Fields and here, as well, is that the clothing of some of the victims is still lying around. This is like as if you were visiting Auschwitz and there were striped uniforms underfoot in the dirt ( and perhaps there were, for a while ), or you found a moccasin at Wounded Knee, or — anyway, you get what I mean.


I picked up this pair of pants and studied them for a long time. They’re very heavily mended, and they’re little. The small, poor person who wore these was deemed dangerous enough to be killed by Khmer Rouge cadres and thrown through an opening in the roof of the cave.