Various And Sundry

|February 19, 2013 | Various And Sundry

* I am really, really looking forward to seeing Rubble Kings.


* Rutherford has a unique vinyl collection. He only collects the first pressing of the Beatles’ White Album. He has 693 copies.


* The Plastinarium of Dr. Von Hagens.


* The bid to make the Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner the official rock song of Massachusetts is official.


“Oh, Andy Capp, you wife-beating drunk. Heh heh heh.”


* ” They were and still are the prime contradictary truth about heavy metal. Tough guys who threw peace signs. Headbangers who smoked weed but cautioned against the depression it could cause. The bringers of a violent new noise who railed against the war in Vietnam. The producers of a sound that was at once primitavist and virtuoso. Literate and loutish. Frightening but fun. The harbingers of a sound that was brand new, while carrying on a tradition that was jet black and centuries old. Sometimes obviously daft, always limitlessly righteous. “