Various And Sundry

|March 14, 2013 | Various And Sundry

* Farewell, Harry Stamps.


* Yeah!


* The Dwarf, and other photo essays by Bruce Davidson.


* For those who want to go : A Long Train Journey.


* Coke.


* ” Having been a part of something, in my life, right? Deeply associated with something that has become, for some people, a historical, musical scene – and having seen other peoples’ tapes, video stuff – the way people treat that history, I can SEE the way it has been shaped. And once you realize that it’s so valuable, then you start to understand how all history is .. kind of a fiction. “ Rear Window.


* Related to that, BLACK FLAG : A 12-Step Program In Self-Reliance, and also THEIR WAR : Black Flag, The First Five Years.


* Houses that 70s architects lived in.


* Remembering Omni Magazine.