Various And Sundry

|March 28, 2013 | Various And Sundry

* Until you are chopsticks.


* Folk Funeraria, a pretty Tumblr about old American graveyards. Also, for the love of Kansas City, KCLUVSKC, a Tumblr, and The Pie Shops, a Tumblr about various old things, and UNDR, a classy and very specific Tumblr. Oh, and many diversions at Voyages Extraordinaires. And, oh, Tripadvisaargh, a funny Tumblr, material apparently sourced from real reviews on travel sites.


* A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again, one of the best travel stories ever written, by David Foster Wallace, as it originally appeared in magazine form. Shipping Out.


* ” .. After that, his ribs would be hacked from his spine with an ax, one by one, and the bones and skin on both sides pulled outward to create a pair of “wings” from the man’s back. “ Debunking, or not, the idea of the Vikings as bloodthirsty looter-pillagers. The Vengeance of Ivarr the Boneless.


* Thor on Thor.


* Crumb’s records.


* ” Though they sometimes depict works of art, we seldom think of ( postcards ) as substantial works of art unto themselves. “


* Classic Recipes – sometimes, limitations are good ( in music production ) ( in many other things too ).


* Charlie Haughey is not a combat photographer.