Various And Sundry

|April 23, 2013 | Various And Sundry

* Rock & Roll is so boring, it’s making Kurt Vile seem interesting.


* Discarded Image / Discarding Images, a Tumbler about violent, bizarre, and naughty art from the middle ages.


* Tracing changes in the ideological notion of personal authenticity that have been brought on by widespread social media use. Also, why bands are right about cameras at gigs.


* The Cosimo Code, an affectionate tribute to the great deeds of Cosimo Matassa and the musicians of New Orleans and the South.


* Prescription : Eno.


* Black gold : a mosaic detective story.


* Poor Chicago. The third coast.


* ” Prior to Hipgnosis, record covers were often graphically ( and typographically ) crude; the great psychedelic covers of 60s America, and the garish fantasies of Krautrock, had introduced outrĂ© imagery into music packaging, but it was Hipgnosis who combined startling imagery with the presentation standards of the best commercial art and design. “ On the death of Storm Thorgerson.


* More on Kowloon Walled City.


* ” What kept me reading Burroughs, was the extraordinary things he could do with the English language that I never encountered anywhere else. It was like discovering the one human being on Earth who could play slide guitar. “ William Gibson.