Various And Sundry

|June 21, 2013 | Various And Sundry

* Iceman : new detailed photos, new findings.


* Hacks.


* ” I’ve always been drawn to the end of the road, to the edges of where one might be allowed to travel, whether blocked by geographic features, international borders, or simply the lack of any further road. Gathered below is a virtual visit to a few of these road ends around the world — borders, shorelines, dead ends and overlooks from New Zealand to Svalbard, from Alaska to South Africa. “


* Fuck Yeah Richard Hell, a Tumblr. Orange Things, a Tumblr.


* Disturbing.


* Travel : Wicked World. Also, it’s great, except when it’s not. Additionally, in praise of American English ( and while we’re talking about America .. ). And what about travelling the United States cross-country by train? Plus, tackling the kicker. Finally, trying to stay sober in nowhereland.


* A very entertaining walk around LES NYC, 1993, with tour guide Iggy Pop, and Dirty Old New York. Lost times, vanished places.


* My dad was in a band.


* 5 unusual ways to reduce crime.


* William Burroughs and the history of heroin.


* Don’t look at this unless you’re interested in filmmaking.


* My old friends Ballzack and Odoms have a new site where you can stream all their albums and videos.


* The art of punk : Gee Vaucher and Dave King : Crass.


* Oh boy, there’s a new set of photos at Internet K-hole