Various And Sundry

|October 18, 2013 | Various And Sundry


* Almost everything in America now is hideous to the eye and hurtful to the soul.


* Robot Woman, by Basil Wolverton.


* Rollins : ” It’s not so much that I invent excuses to travel, it’s that to me, being off the road is the excuse for not having the guts to stay moving. I wallow in self-disgust at the ease with which I fall back into the round-edged patterns of my off-the-road routine. ”  Live life, or it lives you.


* Reviving James Booker, the piano prince of New Orleans. Also, this, last night, I went.


* NYC : ” You can’t even love the absurdity of it because it’s too painful. ” So long, suckers.


* Rock n’ roll : the good old daysthe bad old daystoday. Also, 1993 : how hip hop became the new rock n’ roll.


* 1491 : probably not much like what you were taught.


* A classy way for the past and the future to coexist.


* India is a place that I am perpetually on the fence about visiting : here are 45 reasons to go there, although I suspect that reason #6 is one of the more important ones.


* Ginger Baker does not give a fuck.


* ” Why I will never, ever, go back to the United States. “