I Visit A Record Pressing Plant, Part II

|December 30, 2013 | I Visit, Travels

Here are a couple more photos ( part I is here ) from my visit to the Erika Records pressing plant back in September.


In the printing department : holographic covers for Tool’s perennially best-selling Lateralus albumĀ 

Erika - Holo Record CoverThinner

Boxes of labels

Erika - LabelsThinner

Cool scraps on the wall near the printing presses

Erika - Stuff On WallThinner

Engineer Richard Simpson, cutting a master on a Neumann VMS-70 lathe

Erika - Richard Simpson Cutting A MasterThinner

Neumann SP-79 console

Erika - Neumann BoardThinner

Just a few of the many picture discs on the wall in the office – Erika is the USA’s only producer of picture discs

Erika - Picture DiscsThinner

They can make just about any size and shape, too

Erika - Weird Shape RecordsThinner