|December 31, 2013 | Stuffs

” Together, they’d ingest LSD and wander Death Wish-era Manhattan at all hours. ‘We sort of took New York as this vast stage set,’ said Weiss. ‘We would launch ourselves to some part we hadn’t seen yet, and go explore, day or night.’ There was the time they traipsed by security guards and wandered through the World Trade Center while it was being built. On one July night they went to Lincoln Center for a screening of Disney’s Alice In Wonderland and hatched a Doctor Strange plot that included a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Then they walked to the U.S. Customs House in lower Manhattan and climbed around on Daniel French’s four statues of the continents, where they envisioned a Defenders story in which Doctor Strange transformed each statue into thousands of living soldiers to battle hordes of Atlantean invaders. ”

ThinnerMarvel Comics The Untold Story