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The Balfa Brothers : La Danse De Mardi Gras

The Balfa Brothers : La Danse De Mardi Gras


It’s not Mardi Gras, not yet ( although it’s coming, and if you’re not working on your costume, you should at least have an idea of what you’re going to make ), but it’s nice here, on a winter Sunday. It’s in the mid-60s, and you have a funny situation on the street : people like me, children of the calamitous winters of the midwest, in t-shirts, walking with people who were born here, who are wearing hats and gloves.Thinner

There’s good light : neither the blazing, malevolent sun of New Orleans summers, nor the wan little egg-yolk that hangs limply in the Wisconsin sky in January. Church bells ring, 19th century bronze shimmering in the air. We drink coffee with chicory ( they tell me it’s an acquired taste, but I’ve always liked it ) and eat good things. We listen to Cajun music on WWOZ ( you can too ).

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