Kid Congo Interview

|January 23, 2014 | Found Sounds

He has played guitar in The Cramps, The Gun Club, and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds : three enduring, important bands. He’s kinda burned into my head as a cool character because of the great photos on the cover of The Cramps’ 1981 Psychedelic Jungle LP, which I studied intently that year.Thinner

Today, I came across an internet radio show featuring an interview with him, and it’s a cool show ( The Pharmacy ) with lots of good music and wacky stuff. Me, I really just wanted to hear what Kid Congo had to say, so I made my own edit, which is just the interview, no tunes, which I am parking here, for a while. Or you can listen to the original, complete version here.


Kid Congo Powers Interview

Kid Congo Powers InterviewThinnerKid Congo