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|January 24, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* A president accused of murder and convicted for drug smuggling. Rogue gold miners and outlaw timber harvesters, most of them foreigners drawn to the lawlessness. Roads that end two hours outside the capital, leaving travelers with the choice of either taking handmade canoes through rivers infested with anacondas and piranhas or flying on prop planes with alarming safety records. Why would anyone want to go to Suriname?


* Ringo‘s photos. Graham Nash‘s photos.


* Bootleg Led Zeppelin LP covers of the Soviet Union.


* David Byrnes‘s take on the Bywater.


* Memento mori ( ” remember, you must die ” ) jewelry, poison rings. Bengal tiger claws, braided human hair. Indulging an obsession with antique jewelry.


* What is it with Hotel California? Why is is ubiquitous across the world?

ThinnerThinnerMemento Mori Ring 1700

I would go to Suriname.