|January 28, 2014 | Stuffs

I’m doing some honest work this week, and here are a couple of Instagram shots to prove it. Yesterday I helped hump 1600 lbs. of vinyl LPs in deluxe ( spot varnish! Extra-thick cardboard!! ) gatefold sleeves out of a truck and up into Waxwork HQ.


Mailers and inserts : 1700 lbs. of cardboard.

RMB ShippersThinner

Waxwork’s third release, and the second one that I mastered, is the original score for Rosemary’s Baby, which has never been released before ( there is some confusion about this – there was a RMB soundtrack, but that music was not the actual music that’s in the film, which this is ). There are 4 different kinds of wax : clear, crystal clear,┬áblack and burgundy haze, and 2-color.Thinner

Oh yeah, the cover has brand new art by the great Jay Shaw, and the album comes with liner notes and a deluxe art print.

RMB 4 VersionsThinner


Today was the coldest day I’ve ever experienced in New Orleans ( and, WOW, were people freaking out about it ), but I was mostly inside, packing LPs into mailers.


Here’s the crystal-clear vinyl. It’s pretty clear.J.Yuenger, Rosemary's Baby, Soundtrack, Waxwork Records