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|February 21, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* Henry Rollins‘ notes and playlist for a special radio show dedicated to the music of Bob Casale and DEVO. The program will feature a lot of DEVO music, but –” I thought that tonight, we would rock some Devo but to make things even more interesting, that we would play the music of other great Ohio bands from loosely the same time period. That was one happening scene. “ – you will be able to hear the show on Sunday 02.23.2014, here.




* I tried joining the French Foreign Legion


* 25 documentaries you can watch right now on Netflix. (JY: def not backing all these choices, but, you know)


* A Google Street View tour of Japan’s abandoned Battleship Island.


* “When the pick slides off the string, the edge of the thumb can graze that twine and make it whine.” ZZ


* There are people who live long enough to create a link — a one-generation link — to figures from what feels like a distant past, and their presence among us shrinks history. Rasputin was my neighbor, and other true tales of time travelThinnerThinnerPunk Music Group DEVO Member 1979