|February 25, 2014 | Found Sounds, Songoftheday

I heard this somewhere the other day (umm .. oh yes, in one of those coffee shops where the young employees only listen to old music), and there was a Carnival parade going by (’tis the season), and I was looking at the bagel in front of me and thinking if you tried to serve this sad thing to someone in New York, there’d be trouble – ah, but anyway, it’s a cool song with a neat behind-the-beat herky-jerk guitar solo. This is obviously a very different band from the one they’d become a few years later, but I like how totally of-the-moment (the moment was 1977) it is, the singer affecting a swoopy Bryan Ferry vibrato, the band still very influenced by Roxy Music (the way they layer keys and sounds onto the ‘lift’ parts to make them more anthem-y, the 16th-note piano under the chorus, even the general shape of the melody, all very Roxy), but wrapped up in the choppy energy of punk (the guitars sound great, don’t they?).


Ultravox! : ROckWrok

Ultravox! : ROckWrok