Various And Sundry

|May 9, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* All the record shops in the entire world, in one map


* “If you’re poor in America, that’s a criminal offense. You’re not only a criminal for being poor, but you’re also stupid and deficient. We don’t have this national feeling of fraternity. We live in an individualist state where everyone hates everyone else, except your immediate family. We live in a mafia state.” Ian Svenonius on his admiration for Fidel Castro


* Brooklyn is actually getting poorer, somehow


*  Crossing Saudi Arabia by taxi cab


* Punk The Capital, and also Elstree 1976


* More ridiculous audio pseudoscience


* “It’s not a grand statement of human progress. It’s not a re-awakening of world culture that will cause the children to hold hands and sing in unison.” Down with runway food!


* And now Danzig is suing Jerry Only for ownership of the crimson ghostThinnerNew Orleans Record Shops