Various And Sundry

|October 31, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* How about that? My man Wilko is not going to die.


* ”  The guillotine will sever his head, the photograph will preserve his death “


* Why are witches green?


* Not one album has gone platinum is 2014


* On living in an empty New York City, and leaving it; on living, specifically, in a New York City apartment


Larry Smith is the king of that big beat sound


* How cruise ships work : gluttony on the high seas


* The story behind the national anthem of halloween


* Everything coming to Netflix in November


* BEER, a history


* ” As one of the founders of the Zamrock psychedelic rock scene of the 1970s, Jagari ( an Africanization of Mick Jagger ) was a household name “


* The strange history of the Ouija board

ThinnerRun DMC with Larry Smith