Various And Sundry

|November 28, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* The dark continent is BIG


* That Steve Albini thing, in its entirity


* Fantastically wrong


* ” This strange death of bohemian England — and everywhere else, for that matter — was a topic of discussion while I was staying with Hockney this summer to work on a book project. We did not really come up with a full explanation, although we speculated that a more earnest zeitgeist and the disappearance of cheap rented property both played a part. “


* Nico Icon, in full


* Welcome back, old friend


* Marion Barry : guardian angel of punk rock


* Quite a few questions about Easter Island, answered


* An old record is much more than just the music it contains : it tells the ( imagined ) story of its past owners 


* Here’s a radio show that made quite an impression on me : In The Dust Of This Planet


“ That’s the Dillard’s dead zone. Nothing can survive over there. ” The twilight of the indoor mall


* Hipster business name generator