Various And Sundry

|December 5, 2014 | Various And Sundry


* The music from the films of Jim Jarmusch : also, all about Vangelis‘ score for Blade Runner, and the classical music used in Stanley Kubrick films


* The Vintage Guitar Catalogs site is back!


* NYC 1981


* All about the antique rubber blocks that are washing up on beaches all over Europe


* EFFECTS PEDALS, the glorious motherlode


* For my friends with small children, music for babes


* Hey, look at that – Spot has a book


* For the olds, some serious nostalgia


* The leaning towers of Shanghai


* An extremely in-depth look at the movie Alien


* Some photo fun here


* Much more on that Pomplamoose thingThinnerThinnerMalls 72