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|January 2, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* 20 years later, Urge OverkillStalker ” discusses her antics, still wants to drive the band crazy


* Rollins on how the Soviets nearly ruined Central Asia


* Some old pictures of White Zombie


* More on French bashing


* ” He broke into the industry working for Elektra Records, first doing publicity for the Doors, then signing both Iggy Pop’s band the Stooges and the MC5 ( on the same day ), which would ultimately lead to his managing the Ramones. You could make a convincing case that without Danny Fields, punk rock wouldn’t have happened. “


* Los Angeles : the city in cinema ( very cool, locations and info from Blade Runner, Repo Man, etc. etc. )


* Another one of those time-capsule room, totally untouched for years stories


* Uniquely Detroit : the fantastic rock photography of Leni Sinclair


* Some great stuff to read, if you’re looking for stuff to read about this wild world of ours


* A long and very scholarly article : Oi! Oi! Oi! Class, Locality, and British Punk


* ” The humble CD didn’t think itself anything extraordinary. It gleaned that optical storage was quite passé technology that shouldn’t be mentioned in modern circles. But at least they weren’t books! The poor little CD was made to feel very insignificant, and the only kindness came from the vinyl LP. “


* Kiss blew it!


ThinnerWhite Zombie - Toronto 1988