Various And Sundry

|January 9, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* Musicians, from New York mainly, in their homes – then and now


* ” It’s the artist’s image, rather than the record label’s identity, that dominates design in the music industry. It has always been so, except in rare cases “. This are 2 Tone


* Six weeks in a city you’ve probably never even thought about, let alone been to


* 10 mistakes intentionally left in classic recordings


* ” 35 years ago, David Bowie ushered in the 1980s on Saturday Night Live. The producers censored a gay reference in the last of his three-song set—but they missed him repeatedly showing a giant penis at the end of it “.


* On Jah Wobble


* Effect origins : tracing the earliest recordings of famous sounds and gear


* The shitty, mind-numbing, generic sameness of pop country music in 2014


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