Various And Sundry

|January 23, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* Punk survivors : also, the real names of 25 punk rockers. You probably already know a lot of them, but it’s still fun


* Ernest Hemingway‘s most famous cocktail recipes, all in one place


* Rule #3 : ” send out all your dogs and one might return with prey “. 24 pieces of life advice from Werner Herzog : which is great, and then someone went and made this


* Imaginary album covers are going on exhibition at The Smithsonian


* Woman pays $164K per year to live on luxury cruise ship


* ” Can-rock’s blend of insipid guitar riffs, lifeless production, and tawdry songwriting is impossible to mistake for anything else. Its purveyors enjoy a sizeable following at home, but are unknown virtually everywhere else “. How  some absurd laws produced the most beloved music in Canadian history


ThinnerMingering Mike - Isolation 72