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|January 30, 2015 | Various And Sundry


*  ” Bands of fiery redcreamy orangerich green, and bright yellow ” – China’s rainbow mountains


” Every synthetically thumping rhythm section you have heard since then – from the obvious Kraftwerk homages like Funkytown and Bambaataa’s Planet Rock to the ubiquity of the modern tsk-and-burp / boots’n’pants beat in virtually all modern pop and dance music – can be traced, without fail, to Kraftwerk’s amazing invention.  NO other moment in pop is as absolute and viscerally fundamental as Autobahn “. “I am hard-pressed to find a moment in post-World War II mainstream pop history that is as absolutely new and defining “. Also, Lester Bangs talked to Kraftwerk in 1975 : finally, the new BBC documentary Kraftwerk PopArt


* They found all kinds of new tattoos on Ötzi The Iceman : also, face of tattooed mummified princess finally revealed after 2500 years


” Wherever he plays On the Road Again there’s an understanding shared by one and all in this band of gypsies: Mess with Willie Nelson and the next thing you’ll see is the wrong end of a gun held by the Devil himself, Robert Paul English. “


* The episode from the Spider-man ’67 TV series that was so completely psychedelic and freaky that it was never aired.


*  The music business sold 141 million CDs in the U.S. last year. That’s more than the combined number of tickets sold to the most popular movies in 2014 and 2013. So “dead,” in this familiar construction, isn’t the same as zero.


Soviet synth


* The history of the once-again-ubiquitous ukulele


* Tago Mago is a good record


* Lots of stuff in the news recently about what young people want, and how it’s different from what their predecessors wanted : this one’s called Millenials Are Moving To Buffalo And Living Like Kings


ThinnerEdward Artemyev - Synthi 100