Various And Sundry

|March 20, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* What was it like to live in 1980s Berlin?


* Flipper, the misfits among the misfits : a band that has been a part of my life for a very long time


* The final word on the loudness wars?


* Newly found footage of New Orleans in the 1920s


* The cold rim of the world


* The music industry is a hell of a business : Metallica is losing money due to disastrous decisions


* A detailed account of the creation of the Seinfeld theme song


* Data geniuses have figured out the ultimate U.S. road trip


* In The Jungle : how American music legends made millions off the work of a Zulu tribesman who died a pauper ( and why not hear this enchanting fucking thing with your own ears )ThinnerThinnerFlipper