Various And Sundry

|July 17, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* The hits and misses of album cover artwork : also, check out these cheesecake classical album covers


* Laibach will be the first foreign band to perform in North Korea


* Various depictions of the cat piano ( see also cat organ )


* Here’s a hilarious story, and here’s a crazy story


* Billy Zoom has cancer


* Fans of Blade Runner will enjoy this


* Turkey’s once-booming folk-rock industry has mostly vanished, but a few holdout producers are still cranking out the hits : Big In Karaman


* A fun guide to visiting Japan


* Moments in man-made music and the machines behind it


Hate MailMr. Bingo’s ongoing project where he sends actual hate mail to paying customers through mail carriers


* ” Moving past the end of the 1960s optimism about social change and deep into the economically troubled Me Decade, we can get a good sense of what the inverse of  The Stooges’ ‘No Fun’ sounds like, listening for the apotheosis of the fun ideology in action in popular music of the 1970s. ” Fun will find a way


* Ian Hunter : the truth about Mott The Hoople, the drugs, and the manager with a death wishThinnerThinnerPablo Cruise 2