Dress The Tights Systemic

|July 18, 2015 | Found Images

“The Kappezu, especially in Aoyama Gakuin University students in 1963 (Toru Oyama only Nihon University students) is formed has been folk group. In “Goodbye two of our star-like” in 1967 from Polydor played a record debut. The same year in November, released a “skeleton tonight the night fog” 2nd single. This song, which had been prepared as the debut song of The Tigers denied to the manager side, The Ruby of GS has also been recorded. However shelved not become released. What reason or is not clear, but was a member of the same Polydor was released from The Kappezu. As can be seen at the record jacket, and dress the tights systemic skeleton, but his is the reputation in dressed that it was aimed at the odd and did not reach up to hit. The following year in May 1968, and disbanded after it has released the 3rd single “your horse Pokopoko”. After that, “Green Fields” and renamed and re-debut in “at the banks of the river Imujin” in September 1969. “