|July 19, 2015 | Found Images


“Born in 1931, Galina Balashova studied architecture at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and in 1957 took up a position with the Russian spaceship and space-station builder OKB-1. Initially concerned with constructing the earth based factories and employee accommodation, she took on responsibility in 1963 for the interiors of the Russian spacecraft including the Voskhod and Soyuz spaceships, the ill-fated Buran orbiter project and the Salyut and Mir space stations, Her interior design for the cockpit and living quarters of Mir were subsequently taken on by the International Space Station, ISS“.




“Largely based on Galina Balashova’s charmingly evocative and expressive watercolors, design for the Soviet Space Program promises to give rare prominence to an aspect of the global space race that is seldom given any attention, yet one which in future years will become something that is not just pertinent and relevant to astronauts and cosmonauts, but us all. If we should enter a future with commercial space travel, space station hotels and moon colonies, questions as to the importance of spaceship aesthetics will cease to be theoretical”.