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|July 24, 2015 | Various And Sundry


* I like stories about mummies, especially ones from unknown civilizations


* All about Quaaludes


* Why I deleted your band’s promo email


* If you’re not sick of reading about Greece, this is pretty good : Greece And The Curse Of Leisure


* Aurora Monster Scenes – the most controversial toys of a generation


* Dieter Moebius has died


* Where did the words ‘hip’ and ‘hipster’ actually come from?


* All about Wilko Johnson


* How is the recovery from Hurricane Katrina going in New Orleans, you ask?


* “The right to enjoy a cold one with lunch is such a fundamental part of the German experience that it is written into many job contracts. On my first day of work at a TV station in Berlin, I was surprised to find my colleagues sunning themselves with pilsners outside the office cafeteria shortly before noon. Throughout the city, beer gardens double as playgrounds so parents can let their offspring run loose, although perhaps it’s the other way around.” Looking for an IPA in beer-soaked Berlin


* All about Blue Öyster Cult


* The evolution of profanity

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